Sunday, November 23, 2008

Introductions Are A Mandantory

By nature I'm not one of those people that tend to go bending over backwards to blow sunshine up people's tookishes, so I feel like an introduction to the insanity known as my thought process, convictions and morale is necessary, lest someone think I'm being a cold hearted bia bia.... and some days I can be, but only if I'm poked with a stick or caffeine depraved. -wink-

For people who have known me before college I'm known as Meagan, but it seems like no one can neither spell my name nor pronounce it, so by the time college rolled around I shortened it to Meg. Easier to spell, easier to say. Call me Meagan or Meg, I answer to both. Call me Ms. Fields and you'll get a funny look. That would be my mother, not me.

I drink beer with my pizza and hamburgers and have no conviction about it. If you're from the Baptist, Wesleyan, Methodist, Nazarene, United Methodist.... if you're from the Bible belt, this is a problem. So let me restate my conviction, I don't have an issue with having a beer or a glass of wine with dinner, I'm even a fan of cocktail parties. I do have an issue with drunkeness. For religious purposes as well as it's just not attractive being a sloppy drunk. I tend to also be a fan of common sense... never drink and drive and never leave your drink unattended.

I have a boyfriend whom I absolutely adore and love, his name is Justin. We argue and yell at each other sometimes but we've been through hell and back with and for each other, we can handle an argument. The facts he's had the pair to stick it out with me and not leave at the first sign of issue or argument and he's kept me in check and challenges and pushes me to be better and love harder. I could go through the whole "I love him for this reason and that reason..." but eventually some of those things could fade and the what? I love him less? Yes, I love his personality and his sense of humor and his strength - I love a lot of qualities in Justin. But I love Justin. It's not a fleeting feeling or a cloud nine feeling (trust me, that passed). I've known the boy for forever, he's my best friend and I'm really, really glad he's by my side. I'm glad I can tackle life's battles with him and live day to day with him in my life, being a very active role within it. We've been together for almost three years, don't ask us when we're getting married. We'll get there when we get there. :-P

I blog about anything from politics to religion, but mostly religion so I should state, quiet firmly, I'm a Christian and I say that with sincerity. I'm not going to tell you how to dress, act, or even pray. I'm blunt in my thoughts and views and it's to come across as a hard ass or mean, I just hate it when people jump around the bush. I can't stand it when doctrine and theology are law in a church.... and the term "membership" sounds too elite for my liking. You'll learn more about this as I blog, right now just understand instiutionalized things and I don't get along, so I agree to disagree.

At any rate, I enjoy the winter and fall and my house is decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. The reflection behind me in the window is my Christmas tree :-) I have three dogs, a bearded dragon and a tortise. I live in two bedroom two bathroom condo and people are forever in it. I'm forever cooking and I love baking. I work in demolition and asbestos (woot woot) and my bathtub is my favorite thing in my house. I love sweet tea, Dr. Pepper and Red Oak or Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I'm a natural blond, but the farthest thing from dumb; I have blue eyes and I'm fine with not being a size 00. I like my size 9/10 because I have curves and it's kickin. I read alot and I'm worth nothing to anyone before a cup of coffee. My life is beautiful, even with the ups and downs.

And I really, really like the x-box and killing zombie's. Seriously, I'm getting ready to go do that now.... if you have an account add me: Virulent Femme

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